I'm a runner: road races 5k, 10k, Marathons. I do triathlonds for fun, but I don't consider myself a "triathlete". But in general, any endurance sport you've got, I'll give it a go.

Personal Best Running Performances

Date Event Distance Time Age Graded Percentage Notes
1997-Oct-01 OAC Corporate Relay 5k 18:33 69.54
2012-Oct-12 Rattle Me Bones 5k 5k 19:34 70.26 Age graded PB
1997-Oct-19 Rattle Me Bones 10k 10k 39:28 68:01
2019-Jan-13 Richmond Road Race 10k 42:02 70.26 Age graded PB
2012-May-26 National Capital Half Marathon Half Marathon 1:33:16 66.14
2019-Apr-27 Cornwall / St. Lawrence Marathon Marathon 3:15:50 70.00 Qualified for the Boston Marathon, but due to the pandemic, never ran it.

Boston Marathon - Qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon with a 3:15:50, but due to the pandemic, I ran it virtually.

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